MARINER VM TOTAL is an automatic boat hook that is used to pull and push the boat from the shore, as well as for easy mooring of boats .
Below you can read more about our product, and the following link contains instructions for use.


Tehnical data

Lenght (cm): 194/254/314

Weight (kg): 1,25

Material: aluminium, UV resistant plastic 

Color: gray

Max. thickness of rope: 35 mm


Thanks to your patented design solution MARINER VM TOTAL automatically ropes your rope and you do not need another person to help you.


With MARINET VM TOTAL it's easy to push the boat and turn from the shore or other boat, but also firmly draw the boat because of unique design and selected materials, thanks to which the MARINER VM TOTAL has the strength and exceptional durability with low weight for easier handling.


MARINER VM TOTAL is made of anodized aluminum, and UV resistant plastic which is also resistant to impact and scratches. Due to these materials, MARINER is resistant to salt and does not need to be washed with fresh water.